Sunday, 4 July 2010

Cosmeston Dig Day 4

A huge amount of time today has been taken up removing post medieval demolition layers, as I am writing this entry close to the end of the dig now (thanks to someone hacking into my email account) I can safely say that taking off all of these demolition layers takes us until the end of week 3 in some areas of the trench. This is Matt working in the "tongue" as we call it. This is the area in which the coin was found in the North western corner of the excavation area.

The layers we are on at day 4 are quite modern. The discovery of a line of stones possibly indicate a modern boundary wall. There was a lot of pottery and bone coming from these deposits but also things like 2 modern cylinder locks from a shed or outbuilding. These had traces of green paint on them and a lot of small fragments of brick were found also with green paint. I have drawn a reconstruction of a 2 door outhouse in green which I believe to have sat to the North of the boundary wall ..... (I joke!), however there was something like this probably over the site when the area was still being used as a limestone quarry. This shows how high up in the stratigraphy we still are at this point. These stones were photographed, drawn in plan and then removed so we could continue down to the juicy medieval layers!

The geotextile covers for the walls which were excavated last year are still on at this point and I was getting very excited to see them come off. Nothing really interesting small finds wise today, maybe tomorrow will bring more luck!

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