Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Just call me Peter Jackson!

Yes, I am now giving up a life of Archaeology to become a world famous movie director! Here is my first offering to the world, I call it "Lifted". Its a story about a girl. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, boy ... oh hang on sorry, what I meant to say was ... Girl goes on an archaeological dig, girl camps in a tent for six weeks in the pouring rain, lots of girls and boys dig lots of holes, and then we find lots of nice Roman things! Its a story of fashion, glamour and parties ... well, mud, trowels and parties at least.

There will be many more updates on Caerleon to get everyone up to speed on what I've been doing but you will have to make do with this for now! Oscars here I come, Id like to thank my boyfriend, Jesus ... ok not Jesus, my cat ... and my tolerance of all things muddy. Please don't try and view it full screen as the quality is AWFUL! If you can read the tiny tiny writing then great, you don't need glasses. If you cant read the tiny tiny writing (you may need glasses) but please take a look at the film on my mobile me account (well, my boyfriends mobile me account!) at this address,

Hope you enjoy it, it's my first attempt at making a movie/film/video thingy so be gentle!

Im off to the land of nod now (well after I've got through a few pages of my current read "Roman Britain"). I'm enrolling for the 3rd year in University tomorrow, Freshers Flu here I come!!!

Keep Digging, Archaeology Bee x

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