Saturday, 11 September 2010

Time for a Quickie!

The Caerleon 2010 dig team, where walls once stood.

Ooooo errrr! Yes indeedy, just time for a quicky update from me. You may (or probably may not) have been wondering where I have been for the past month or so, well the answer is ... Caerleon! Yes, I have been digging part of the Roman Fortress of Caerleon, or Isca as it was then known, which is in South Wales near to Newport. I shall update you on all of the wonderful things we found soon, and no, not just shiney things but lots of amazing archaeology! Just one week left of the dig now, which is a joint dig between Cardiff University and UCL, so that will be 6 weeks worth of hard work that I need to fill you all in on!

Before this I also spent the day digging in Ammanford near Swansea, this was a mote and bailey castle which was subject to a week long excavation to see what remains of the castle. From what I dug during my brief stay the answer appears to be,"not much!" but it was a great oppertunity to have a play in the mud and learn to use the E.D.M a little.

Back to work early tomorrow so Im signing off for now!

Keep on digging!

Archaeology Bee x

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